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Use this page to learn more about the DQI, start a new project or return to an existing project.

Show me more information about the DQI
  If you would like to find out more about how the DQI can help you reach consensus and manage the design process, start by looking at using the DQI for my project.
I want to start a new project...
To begin a new project you will need a DQI Leader key, an 8-digit code which identifies you as the DQI Leader and Trailblazer for that project. Choose the option which best suits you from the two below:
I don't have a DQI Leader key
Click here to buy a DQI Leader key and access all of the online resources.
I have a DQI Leader key
If you have your DQI leader key, then you're ready to begin a new project, or a new assessment for an existing key.
I want to return to an existing project
  If you are a DQI Leader or Facilitator/Trailblazer, and would like to view an existing assessment or create a new assessment, click here to go to the project management area.