Overview of the Process

DQI has been designed to be used by everyone involved in the construction process from project managers to end users.


DQI should be used throughout the life of a building project and there are four assessment versions corresponding to the stage of the project or design:

Briefing Module

The Briefing Module is used to set and/or adjust design goals and is typically used at the beginning of a project, but can be used on a stand-alone basis at later stages. It defines what design aspects are “Required”, what are “Desired” and what would be “Inspired” in the completed building (RDI). It helps set priorities and answer questions such as, ‘what do we want?’ and ‘where do we want to spend the money?’. The RDI process requires the stakeholders to collectively identify what is important to them in the design of the building, permitting them to prioritize practical and value-based building criteria among the three categories. RDI permits the stakeholders to consider factors that help the design achieve excellence and create a building of distinction.

Ideally you should start using the DQI Briefing Module as early as possible in the process, however you can apply DQI for the first time to a project which is already in design and also completed buildings.


The following individuals are required to take part in the DQI process:


DQI collects views from respondents about a building's functionality, build quality and impact.

The steps to using DQI are:


DQI is paid for by buying 'keys'. You need one key to use the DQI Briefing Module and one key for each assessment undertaken so therefore in a typical project you would expect to need 4 to 5 keys. A single DQI key costs $1,000.

Use of DQI is subject to the terms and conditions of use.

We recommend employing a trained Facilitator/Trailblazer to get the most from the DQI process. You should approach several Facilitators/Trailblazers and discuss the level of service you require.


You can either:

DQI USA operates a discount structure for DQI USA Affiliate Members wishing to purchase a large number of DQI uses in one transaction. Please contact DQI USA for further details.